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Irish County Plates Insulated Bottle

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Can you name all of Ireland’s 32 counties in English and Irish?

Thank goodness my passengers didn’t have one of these bottles with them when I quizzed them going down the road! (They often sneak a peek at Mr. G on their phones to get the answers to my trivia.)

I made each of these register plates, including some fun ones and put them all together to remind you that Ireland’s 32 counties are waiting for you to come and see them all.

Perhaps you could tick off all the counties you have visited with a sticker or a Sharpie. Or just eyeball some of the names that you haven’t seen before and decide to work them in to your next visit to Ireland.

There is SO much to see and do here, you couldn’t possibly see it all in one trip. If you want some help planning, join Ireland’s Exclusive Online Tour Group for loads of information. It’s a $10 USD one-time fee for you AND your partner or spouse. Just add it to you cart!

☕️  This vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle holds 22oz of your favourite hot or cold beverage, with an exclusive design wrapped around the middle. It’s got a wide opening, a handled screw-on lid and won’t sweat with cold drinks. Hand wash only.

☘️  Exclusively designed by Joe Knows Ireland. Not available in stores.

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